Testimonial 04

I'm new to Edisto and have been given the great pleasure of getting to know Suzi and have been practicing meditation with her. I've grown in my practice as I continue to practice and become better. Suzi is a great teacher who has helped me learn how to reach deep inside my body and soul and connect with my spirit (third eye). I'm very grateful to Suzi and would recommend meditating to anyone that truly wants to feel at peace.
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Testimonial 02

On a spring day my wife and I drove down a South Carolina beach road and everything changed in an instant when I saw "By The Grace" the first time.... this is Suzi's beautiful home on Edisto Island, SC. Anyone who has the fortune to meet her will never forget it.... I know Judy and I won't! I can not stress the importance of what Suzi shares with others. The most loving mind I have encountered (outside of my wife) has the ability to show reason and calmness in the face of fear. I can not thank her enough for what she has done for me... listen and learn from Suzi.... you will be better off than before!

— A.H.
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