Individual Single Session

Intuitive Counseling

If you are interested in getting more profound results in self-realization, clearing issues, and creating energetic solutions to specific problems, then private sessions are the answer. In these sessions I will help you discern the inner voice of your own intuitive wisdom. You will feel the magic and joy personal empowerment brings to your life when you are in right alignment with your higher soul self.

I use a lot of Clearing techniques, and one of the most powerful things that Clearing can do is uncover and clear fixed attitudes and beliefs about ourselves, others and life, many which we formed in early childhood. These create sub-personalities or states of being that we often act from instead of our true Self. All of these inner states have their basis in incomplete and unresolved relationships from our past. Unless cleared, integrated, or continuously managed, these beliefs and states continue to create the same patterns in our life over and over again, especially in our relationships! As people age, these patterns become increasingly entrenched. I have deep compassion for these challenges that individuals experience as a result of fixed beliefs and states, as these blockages set the stage for dis-ease in our bodies, minds and spirits keeping us from living life with optimal health, happiness and true freedom. They interfere with our ability to share our voices, our hearts from our most authentic self.

Meditation is a key clearing and mindfulness element in journeying to wholeness. From stress management to manifesting your dreams of the life you wish to live. I will teach you these tools to calm the mind, body and spirit so you may employ these all valuable practices every day, in every situation.

There is a bridge between time and
eternity; this bridge is the
individual soul.

Loss & Grief
As we live and love fully, we experience loss and grief. Whether through a break-up, divorce, betrayal, loss of health, loss of finances or death. Loss brings grief into your mind and spirit. Sadness and anger can get stuck in your body. In using the varied healing modalities we are able to recognize grief and integrate into a more whole understanding about life to bring about the joy in living.

In person and by phone - *Session Summary via email provided with each session for "remembrance, integration and practice."

Trans-personal counseling is an integrative and holistic approach that uses creative imagination and emphasizes personal empowerment. I'll help you open to a path of self trust which facilitates emotional freedom, spiritual awakening and creative breakthroughs. It is difficult to make progress in our own growth when we don't know who and what we are. My commitment is to serve you in your self discovery and evolutionary unfolding, so you can live joyful and free, enlivened with purpose and fulfillment, experiencing and expressing from authenticity.

Intuitive Healing -- Energy Work -- Reiki

Everything is energy! We are beings of light!

Balancing your vital - subtle energy systems (Chakras)


Human problems on all levels---spiritual, mental, emotional and physical---are caused by contraction, the inability to radiate energy freely due to blockages in the human energy system. I will help you learn how to release energy blockages, thereby healing yourself and enabling you to enjoy life to its fullest. 

At this moment in history, the Earth and the human community, which includes every individual human being, suffers because of the poisoning of the physical environment. But the physical disease is merely the symptom of a deeper disease on the energy level. By healing ourselves energetically we begin to heal the collective energy field which surrounds us and permeates us and our planet.

Research tells us that most dis-ease of the physical body has a background of inflammation and we know that mind and emotion affect the body at a cellular level. So, if your body is expressing dis-ease then anything we do to decrease inflammation moves us in a direction of self regulation and balance. And part of this process must include becoming into your own wholeness.

As we work together, we will recognize and balance these vital energy centers that control the way we perceive the outer world and clear these centers so we may experience freedom and optimal health!

Reiki (pronounced; ray-key)

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It was discovered by Mikao Usui in March 1922. Reiki is administered by "laying on hands" and techniques such as this have been used for thousands of years. Reiki is a very simple yet powerful healing technique.

Rei—Spiritual Wisdom
Ki—Life Energy

Therefore, when one is receiving a Reiki treatment the practitioner is tapping into Universal Life Force to access any energy blockages that obstruct life energy that cause dis-ease.

So, to give an understanding of this sacred work, I employ many modalities of healing mind, body and spirit. My truth and integrity comes from "God, The Creator Of Everything!" 

It is my honor and privilege to serve you.

In love and light,